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I tried. I really did.

But the worse-than-expected results from my second biopsy pushed me over the edge, and I made the decision this week to go ahead and drop the second class, the one I was taking to try and get a jump on the master's degree. 

I'm staying in the other class, the one I need to complete the graduate certificate.

I'm sad, but also kind of relieved. I just don't see how I can juggle the full-time job and two classes plus deal with the breast cancer treatment, surgery and recovery. Something had to give, and the optional class seemed like the best thing to cut. 

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Sorry to hear about the biopsy. I can totally understand why that set you back a bit.

I did two classes in the winter term and it was a lot of work to keep up with both of them, while also doing everything else in life. I had considered doing a summer term class, but we also made a major move those months. I was very happy not to be juggling class too.

Best wishes for treatment. 

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