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Restrictive and non-restrictive clause questions GFTWTM


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We're on lesson 76 of Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind.

I thought we understood but the exercises are confusing us. 

Are we right that: 

Non-restrictive clauses can be removed from the sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence or making it sound weird. You use commas in a sentence like this.

Restrictive clauses can't be removed from the sentence because it does change the meaning or sounds weird. You do not use commas. 


In exercise 76C one of the sentences is: For although Fionn loved Goll, he did not like him.

My kids and I feel like if you just said, "For although Fionn loved Goll," then you're left with a weird sentence, so you need, "he did not like him." So if you need that clause, then you shouldn't need a comma? But the book says you do. And aside from the rules that I think I'm understanding in the book, it does seem like a sentence that needs a comma. So we're confused.

Edited because I just saw some clarification on the above example on the website.

Another confusing one was this sentence: There is an eerie feeling abroad, which I do not like. The book says you don't need the comma, which would make it a restrictive clause, which means that it NEEDS "which I do not like." But the kids and I think, "there is an eerie feeling abroad" sounds fine on its own. 

Are we just all messed up??

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TBH I do this pretty intuitively rather than by rule. Here are some further examples in hopes they'll help.

This is my cousin Winifred, who bought the house next to the library.
This is the woman who bought the house next to the library.

I hope the person whose wallet we found will be able to get back to the information desk to retrieve it.
Mr. Ramirez, whose wallet we found by the information desk, turned out to be an employee there.

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