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Is anyone using BYL's Level 12 this year?

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I'm using Build Your Library Level 12 for my 10th grader. I bought it mainly for the US history readings. So far, he's enjoying it as am I. I understand it is somewhat based on Charlotte Mason philosophy, therefore there aren't any tests in the curriculum. I'm having him write a short summary each day of all his readings and we are doing the document based assessment book she has listed. I also plan on using The Critical Thinking Co. US history book as well. Is there any "need" to test him if we are doing all this? I feel like he will have a good understanding of the material if we keep this up but then I hear about his friends taking tests in their history class in school and of course started second guessing myself. Frankly, my big issue with the tests is I don't want to have to create them! 🙂

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