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Ancient Egypt Online Resources

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So, full disclose--a lot of the of the links below are to my blog posts, but they contain a lot of other links and it was easier to just send you there than copy all of them.

Round-me - there are tons of places in Egypt you can explore including the Pyramids at Giza, the Nile River, various temples, etc.   Just scroll in on Egypt and start clicking on blue dots.

Ancient Egypt for Kids (many of the sections contain free printable worksheets too).

Free Egypt Lapbook

Egypt Homeschool Freebies - a bunch of free printables

History + Science - the second on Egypt contains a lot of great free online stuff related to science and Egyptian history.

Egyptian Mummies - has videos (the first about mummification, the second about decomposition in general), and links to an online game in the activities section, and instructions on how to make an Egg mummy.

Hieroglyphics/Hieratics/Papyrus - There's an online hieroglyphics game in the activities, and a good video on making papyrus (I also talked about Mesopotamian Cuneiform here but you can skip that part). 

Hatshepsut -  I have a bunch of good information about this woman pharoah...and in the activities there's a fun animated  video on her and virtual tour of her palace.

Nubian Pharoahs - Most of this is more about Nubia than Egypt, but it does have a good video and I plotted the minutes to make it easy to find the part about the Nubian pharaohs (when Nubia took over part of Egypt for a while). 

Ancient Egyptian Recipes & Food

How to Make Egyptian Mud Bricks







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