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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

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Traveled to Melbourne  by public transport for twin 1 surgery.

he will have surgery tomorrow, get out of hospital on Saturday. We will travel halfway home by public transport and meet DH and do a kid swap. He will take twin 1 home and I will go back to Melbourne for twin 2 to have an EEG scan on the Monday.

it is times like this that Melbourne seems a very very long way away.

 My head is spinning with all the planning to try and get all of this organised as we only found out about the surgery 5days ago - he was on a cancelation waiting list. As we have waited close to 6 months for twin 2 testing we are not changing it 

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Praying for you Mellisa!

For me, I will do well to get through work today.  That will be about all I can manage.  I am exhausted. Normally the first week or two is a bit of a lull, but this year, it has been non stop!  I literally have had no down time at all.  I am beginning to feel a run down cold coming on, need to order some elderberry and make a tea.

  • Work
  • order elderberry
  • look over national boards stuff and plan deadlines and dates with a co-worker also working on it
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Praying for you and your family, Melissa!

Just a regular day today.  I think today (or tomorrow) will be the last day the nerve block is working on DS18's shoulder post-surgery so I need to make sure I'm keeping an eye on him and whether he needs pain pills or not.  Other than that, a normal Thursday.

-figure out dinner and take something out
-school with DS14
-try to convince DS18 to do some school work (LOLOLOLOLOLOL)
-workout (back, shoulders, biceps)
-laundry DONE: 0
-call groomer
-call school for PSAT 9 for DS14 (I don't think DS18's school does PSAT 9 so I may have to contact public high school we are zoned for, which I dread)
-call homeschool cover group for official DS14 transcript for honor society application
-order food for Clemson tailgate Saturday
-grocery store for a few things
-tweak resume for a job I found and apply (should probably do this earlier in the day when my mind is fresher, LOL)

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Good morning!

I saw your other thread Melissa. Praying for y'all. Let us know how it goes. 

Prep for AHG meeting.
Dinner is ham and bean soup, and green salad.


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Good morning!

Melissa, prayers for you and dh and your boys. I hope the surgery and scan go well!

  • school w/dd
  • a couple hours of office work
  • vacuum main floor
  • declutter (still working on the landfill around my computer & going to go through my bathroom cabinets, too)
  • make a list of things I need from Natural Grocers (hoping to get over that way tomorrow)
  • make sure dd has submitted a photo for her upcoming ACT (she's been dragging her feet on this...I think she's hoping to find some loophole that will allow her to go to college without taking the ACT lol)
  • make weekend plans
  • treat two big scrapes on Butterscotch's legs (why do my horses have to be so creative in finding ways to maim themselves?)
  • dinner: BBQ lentil sloppy joes with slaw and mashed potatoes


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Prayers for you and your twins, Melissa here. 

Busy day here.  And it got started early with dh and ds3 headed to the courts.

  • coffee/paper
  • check garden and water pots- done
  • dd2 off to school
  • get ds3 started on school
  • babysit for mother's group- first meeting of the year
  • home to school with ds3 and a quick lunch
  • dd2 to last photo session- action shots at the pool
  • race home to catch ds3's match 
  • dd2 to first home football game
  • dh has a match tonight
  • not sure what dinner is going to look like or when it will be

Have a great day!

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Prayers, Melissa, for your twins & you. 

Dawn, prayers for you too, getting work/etc sorted and not actually getting the cold you feel. 

Pink & Green, I just realized/put together....my son's school is playing your school in football this weekend! Enjoy the game (and go easy on us, LOL!). 

My day....

....another late night. We went to the concert; super fun, but I felt bad for the artist as it was WAY undersold, apparently; we had tix in the mezzanine level and when we went to our seats, they swapped our tix out for seats on the floor. They'd set up folding chairs in the area between the regular floor seats and the stage, where they'd moved the floor seats people. All of the upper levels were closed and moved down. So, yay for us, we got much better seats, but....ouch for the artists. 

After the concert, dropped DS18 back off at his dorm (not the school playing P&G's school), then came back home.....around midnight. Texted DS goodnight....he texted back goodnight at 1:30.....:yawn:  Another tired day. 

Realized this morning, staring at the calendar, that DS14 had an ortho appt on Tuesday.......which we missed. Oops. So now I need to call and reschedule; probably pay a missed appt fee, too. :sigh: 

So today I need to:

...make more coffee
...put away laundry, wash another load
...empty dishwasher
...school with DS14
...fencing with DS14
....write a parent about plans for their DD's school work 
....call the power co. and find out about filing a claim on our freezer
....do whatever we need to in order to do that
....I feel like surely there is more but I can't think right now, so....

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Prayers for Melissa and her family and for DawnM!

I slept in today, but have been up for a bit.

  • tutor 1 student
  • laundry
  • pay bills/update checking account records
  • school with ds
  • figure out dinner (probably need to do a grocery run)
  • finalize co-op classes
  • pack everything for co-op
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Hi, happy Thursday!

I know I'm a broken record, but I'm stressed out again.  A client sent me an email that suggests I might have made a mistake at some point.  That always freaks me out, even though with millions of pieces of data, it would be almost a miracle if you never made a mistake.  I will need to go into the government website and various files and figure out what I screwed up - or if the government screwed up.  And then tell the client and my boss.  My boss will give me hell if it was me.  Ugh!

I also owe a pile of accounting reports.

I'm tired though.  I really want a nap.  My kid generously gave me her sinus infection.  Maybe after I chug more coffee, I will have the spunk to go figure out what I need to figure out.


  • Laundry in the wee hours - kid loaned her 2nd gym shirt out & didn't tell me until it was an emergency.
  • Kid 1 up early to finish her sketchbook assignment.
  • Pack gym bags, sketch books, etc.
  • Kids ready & off to the school bus on time, barely.
  • Took out the garbage.
  • Washed the dishes & cleaned off the kitchen surfaces.
  • Processed the laundry from the dryer.
  • 1st cup of coffee.
  • Caught up on social media, news, emails.

To do:

  • More coffee.
  • Figure out that new client issue.
  • Accounting reports.
  • Tax stuff.
  • Conference call.
  • More laundry:  whites.  Hopefully last load until next week?
  • Whatever else gets done.
  • Kid 1 to have volleyball practice after school.
  • Kid 2 to have horse riding lesson.  (Driver will drive both kids.)
  • Kids' homework.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work or sleep.
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Okay, making more coffee (had 1.5 large mugs, which is = 2 normal mugs; not enough, so making another 4-cup pot....)

Called dentist/ortho and rescheduled that missed appt; no missed appt fee! Yay!! 

Called power co. and left message to be called back about filing a claim. Have my data gathered so I can be coherent when they call back (the recording promised a call-back w/in 2 hrs. I hope I remembered my phone number properly. I really have no idea....we've had so many numbers, I get the area code portion mixed up all.the.time. We'll see.....)(I need to text DH and ask and then maybe call back and leave the right number.....) (yay, got it right! Relief.)

Writing a rough draft of the parent email and having DH proof it for "professional sounding" for me

Then school with DS


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Was accused of stealing some jeans this morning. Right, I sneaked downstairs, took them, and gave them away to some non-existent person. Brain cancer is not fun. 

laundry is started

write kids

walk, lots of walking

read the front page article on the girls in GSUSA/SCOUTS BSA/Venturing!

deal with Scout stuff

meeting for the beginning of "Mountaineer Music" to do fundraising for the music department at our uni. I've told dh 5 times now, but he doesn't want me to go, so he "forgets". Arg! His supper is already made so I won't be accused of stealing his food. 

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done

dishwasher emptied

one load of laundry folded and put away

one load in the washer

looked up the date for dd's last visit with the retinal specialist.  For someone who hates going to him, dd sure nags me alot about making appointments. . .   And no, she's not having any new problems. 

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Did the parts of school we could get done before fencing; let DS know we have to do the other parts after fencing. 

Eating lunch, waiting on DH to send back corrections on my email so I can send to the parents. 

No return call from the power co yet; 13 mins to go.....

Need to find a book to take to fencing. 

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Well, I found the mistake in the client reporting.  Apparently we changed one data point (out of some hundreds) from YES in 2016/17 to NO in 2017/18  My guess is that I entered YES online in 2016/17 and forgot to tell my staff to update our records.  Or they failed to make the change if I did tell them.  It is my responsibility.  I apologized and hope it is an easy fix.

Still wishing for a nap.  Still have a lot of work to do.

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Tutoring is done. The last load of laundry is in the washing machine. Ds is moving along with school but still a bit behind. He failed to see the list I had made him for work over the weekend while I was out of town, so I guess it will go into this weekend. 

I figured out dinner, so I don't have to go to the grocery store before I fix dinner. I may go after, though, because we need food for lunch after co-op tomorrow. 

I'm off to do more math problems for my ACT/SAT math prep class homework. 

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home from fencing

asked about practice swords, jackets, pants, etc. and got all of that info for DH

asked about what steps/path DS should take in order to, eventually, compete in tournaments. Coach & I (and DS, honestly) all are in agreement on the "well, classically, you had to fence 2 yrs before competing..." kind of mindset. We shall attempt to get DH there. (not saying for sure has to be 2 yrs but the coach's thought, mine, and DS's, is "wait until you won't get clobbered", and in the meantime, do come not only to fencing *class* but also to "open fencing" sessions). 

The power co. called back while at fencing, 3.5 hrs past when I called them (so, umm not inside the "we guarantee a call back w/in 2 hrs"; not a big deal, but why have a stated timeframe to return calls if, well, you aren't actually going to do that....?); I learned e don't have to have all the official docs before filing the claim, and we don't have to have an official estimate from a repair guy if DH can dx the freezer problem on his own, so that is good. I will file the online claim once DH does the dx test. 

Dinner will be sloppy joes, broccoli and mac & cheese. 

I need to do laundry things, and the "after fencing" school with DS. I'm having a start of a maybe headache, so grabbing a snack, taking a sudafed b/c I *think/hope* its sinus gunk, drinking the rest of the extra coffee (and some more water), and once I supervise DS doing his school work, maybe lay down if it's not getting better yet. 

Also waiting on a parent to reply to an email so I know if I'm meeting with them tomorrow or some other time.

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Morning list done, except for AHG mtg tonight. Leaving soon, since we need to be early. 

Also done: gas in my car, thrift shop, minor effort at picking up the LR, RA. 

Next up:

Shower and dress for tonight. Double check paperwork.


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Picked up a tiny bit in the dining room, living room and ds' room - two more rounds. 

Just realized that I haven't call the chiro yet.  On the fence as to whether I want to . . . but realized the reason I am on the fence is because I don't want to schedule an evening appt. but also realized that my schedule is such at the moment that I don't have to. . .    Just called and made an appt. for tomorrow afternoon.

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Went to the pharmacy and unfortunately got the *****y pharmacy tech.  Gave her my prepared card with all names and birthdates but she still made me recite them just to be difficult. (She's the one who refuses to tell me who the prescriptions were for when I accidentally guessed the wrong family member since they don't give any identifying information when letting me know that there is a prescription there.  Absolutely no other pharmacy tech has been like that in the 20 years I've been going to this pharmacy.)   I "stuck it to her" by not saying thank you after getting my prescriptions. ( It's the worst thing I could do considering my upbringing.)

Went to the grocery store and picked up a few things for tonight's dinner (gf kalbi short ribs)

Grilled said short ribs and made sides. 

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