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Tomorrow is first day with only half my kids at home

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My oldest two (age 13 and 11) are in public school this year. My 9 and 7 yr olds are still at home. I have some games planned, we are going to do poetry tea, and they each have a new kiwi/tinker crate to do. I think it will be fun and we will get to do some things that I just didn’t have time for with all 4 kids, but I am really missing having my older two at home. If you send some kids to school, how long did it take to get used to it? I’m trying to focus on the positives. I didn’t expect to have such a hard time with this.

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Hi.   I started with everyone in public school and then homeschooled my youngest for four years, and then starting last year sent him back to school.   It was harder for me before he started than once he did start (just cause of all the worry over whether this was the right choice).   I was ok with the time he was at school...but  I've really missed teaching him.    I ended up getting a job as a tutor of a little girl which felt right and wrong at the same time (it gave me a way to use all these skills I've been building up for 4 years, but sometimes when I'm teaching her I feel like, this is what I should be doing with my son...though I know that right now he's in the right place and doing well there).  I tried doing some interest based summer schooling with him that he wanted to do but it didn't work out (we had a big anniversary vacation right in the middle of summer, and relatives visiting after that, and it chopped  up our time to much to get much done.). 

Anyways, started a club here for homeschoolers trying out or going back to public schooling, or doing both.   I went ahead and invited you.   🙂  


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