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What the heck?! Essentials in Writing 7...so many errors.


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We start lesson 5A today and I see there is yet ANOTHER mistake in the workbook. We're only a week and a half into the curriculum and there have been so many discrepancies between the exercises and the answer key that I feel as though they are parts of two different texts. Is it possible that we received an unedited version somehow? These aren't little typos either. It's as though the author made updates to the workbook (typically, changes in sentence syntax to improve grammar), which is what the answer key was based on, but an unedited version of the workbook was actually printed. The mistakes are such that they add confusion and frustration to the lessons. I'm losing confidence in the product.

I sure hope Essentials in Literature 7 is better edited. We started it just two days ago.

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I bought the package from Rainbow Resource about a month ago. It was on backorder, so I wonder whether the batch they received was printed with the incorrect file. The answer key is at the end of the workbook (I tore it out). There is no separate teacher's guide.

2 minutes ago, alisoncooks said:

Are they the same edition? (Did you buy from the publisher?) 

I'd message them and ask what's the deal. 


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