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Any TRISMS DAW users here who can help me out???

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HELP! PLEASE!! I’m at a conference in another state with my husband this week. I came along to use this time as planning retreat:  while he’s in meetings all day, I’ll be near the hotel coffee shop or pool, gearing up for the new school year and writing out my lesson plans for our first week next week.
BUT!!! When I unpacked my bag, I discovered that I left my TRISMS DAW teacher guide book AT HOME!! I can’t believe it! This was the main thing I was planning to work on this week! 😖😫😩 
Is there ANY way someone could send me a copy (picture, file, whatever) of the lesson plan grid for DAW Units 1 & 2 through my email (medhsee at yahoo dot com)???

Yesterday I sent a message to the TRISMS people through Messenger, and someone responded first thing this morning (8:00) and asked if I still need it (Um, YES!!?? 😦) and said if so, he/she would send it today. Of course I responded right away and said yes, I do need it, but the message has gone unread all day and it’s now 4:30! So now I’m hoping someone here can help me out. Please????? 

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