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Nonfiction Reading Time for 1st grade

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My first grader loves fiction and will sit for long periods of time to read with me.  We are starting to read more non-fiction as he starts first grade (think Usborne-like books about the ancients).  I'm just curious as to how long I should read these type of non-fiction books in a sitting.  He doesn't really care for them much.  I want to introduce history this year but need to find a way to incorporate these books without too much struggle.

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This is a topic probably best for the General Education section of the board, but here's what we did for 1st Grade:
-I told the stories from SOTW vol 1 as we did activities from the activity guide and Artistic Pursuits.  We also ended up getting a few of the Toobs with themes like Wonders of The World and little sand molds of major buildings that I found at Michaels that we used with Kinetic Sand.
-I checked out beautifully illustrated books from the library on many of the individual myths.
-Our collection at home included books that ranged from a pop-up Roman town (on one side, and Colosseum on the other), overlay books of Greek architecture (so he could see what they look like now and what they used to look like), and You Wouldn't Want To Be.  Mostly, if it interested me enough to pick it up and read it, I would offer it to my child.

We did not dwell a lot on absolute factual history books in 1st.  My goal was to spark interest, create memories of these time periods, expose my child to various cultures from the past, and fill much of our history time with activity, art, food, music, and science.
Our second time through history, and as we get further into the first cycle, we focus more on individual people, progressively longer non-fiction, and getting into the nitty-gritty. 

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