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I cannot get our classes for the current school year to appear on the transcript. I have created the school year, and it shows up on the transcript. I have entered the courses and at least one assignment for each, but the classes themselves don't show up when I generate the transcript. Any ideas?

(Can you tell you who is scheduled to leave this afternoon for an out-of-state college-touring trip? <<once again, insert fainting guy here>>)

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1 hour ago, klmama said:

Did you figure it out?  

I have the old HST+ software, so it may be different than the online version, but you have to select specific subjects and courses for them to appear.  

I selected the "all courses" option,  but no dice. I sent an email to customer service,  so hopefully they'll reply soon.

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If you haven't figured it out yet, I may be able to help.

Make sure the assignment is within the school year dates you selected.  Give a grade(class grade) and you have to check the completed box WITH a completed DATE

I have messed that up.

Hope you figured it out before the trip!:)

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