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looking for: Phonics readers in 1 volume

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We are going on a month long vacation (yay!) and I am bringing some school work with us. I want to keep my 1st grader reading, but I'm not packing up All About Reading! We have Bob Books, but I was hoping for something that was all in  1 volume so it's less easy to loose. Any recommendations?

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Two thoughts:

As far as one volume readers go, Let's Read: A Linguistic Approach has a *ton* of reading material, at all levels from CVC to multi-syllable words.  It's actually meant as a learn-to-read program - it's based on intuitively absorbing phonic patterns instead of explicitly learning rules - so the bulk of the book is practice reading material, arranged in a sensible phonetic progression (by an actual linguist, who pays attention to even the smallest issues), which means it works well as a reader, too.  The lessons are just words and sentences and stories - pretty much *exactly* like a reader.  I( use it as my primary phonics program - it has the best progression with the most reading practice of any I've seen - but I use phonics methods for teaching instead the program's more whole-word methods.)  It's a big book, though, and no color/pictures. 

I also really like SRA's Basic Reading Series.  There's seven volumes in all, but there's quite a bit in each volume (especially in the later volumes), so you could just get the one that was at the level your dd is at.  I got mine used - they suffer from educational pricing 😉 - and some are easier to find than others.  But they have the cutest pictures while also have a lot of good practice material (in a similar progression to Let's Read).  Here's the list of titles and levels:
Level 1A: A Pig Can Jig, part 1 (short A CVC words)
Level 1B, A Pig Can Jig, part 2 (short A and short I CVC words)
Level B: A Hen in a Fox's Den (all five short vowel CVC words)
Level C : Six Ducks in a Pond (consonant blends)
Level D : A King Can Swing (consonant digraphs, and some two syllable words)
Level E: Kittens and Children (vowel digraphs and more two syllable words)
Level F: The Purple Turtle (irregular sounds and second sounds - at the end of this kids should be reading fluently, at around a 3rd grade level)

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I forgot about "Let's Read" -- I used that with my oldest.  Likewise, something like Reading Pathways (from Phonics Pathways) would have more structured practice. 

I have an Usborne all-in-one antholog of their phonics readers. Very cute. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Phonic-Stories-Young-Readers-Phonics/dp/0794518877/ref=sr_1_18?keywords=Usborne+Phonics+book&qid=1566654723&s=books&sr=1-18.  

Also, Usborne's "Farmyard Tales" anthology is adorable and it's great for reading together (kiddo reads the easier, large print page; mom reads the more challenging page).https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Book-Farmyard-Tales-Usbourne/dp/0794509029/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=usborne+farmyard+tales&qid=1566655542&s=gateway&sr=8-1

Ready, Set, Read! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0385414161/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

We also got a lot of use from the "I Can Read" books: https://www.amazon.com/I-Can-Read-Book-1/dp/1887840494/ref=pd_bxgy_img_3/147-8610199-7691939?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1887840494&pd_rd_r=faf7e22d-edd0-4744-aaec-d4ea096cbbb9&pd_rd_w=Phy0V&pd_rd_wg=0qNNv&pf_rd_p=a2006322-0bc0-4db9-a08e-d168c18ce6f0&pf_rd_r=M332NTQVGEFBB297HZFJ&psc=1&refRID=M332NTQVGEFBB297HZFJ

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ProgressivePhonics.com is FREE and you can either print it (in one big binder) or just access the readers with an Ipad or phone or other device.   I have not tried this but I think you could save the readers to an ipad.     I really like the program.   Depending on how far along she is though she may be past it.

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