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Child watches the video.

Completes the “odds”

I check the work. 80% or better means that he can move on to the next thing tomorrow.  Less than 80% means he has to do the evens tomorrow.  I make a judgement call about if he needs to rewatch the video, be retaught by me, or just try again. 

We use the checklists found on the website to keep track of what is next. 

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We watch the video together, then they do the odds. Tom Clark (the author) recommends they check their own work, so I have them do that and then they report the score back to me. If either of us is not happy with the grade, they do the evens the next day.

My oldest would take a quiz on the previous day's material and then do a lesson with odds all on the same day, but he was very fast and very very very mathy. My next 2 have done either a lesson or a quiz, not both, each day.

When we get to the end of a unit, they go over the Test A as a review,  working problems they feel they need to practice but not all of them. Then when they are ready they do Test B as a test.

Every once in a while we do one of the comprehensive or cumulative reviews, especially if it's after a long break.

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