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PLEASE HELP! Coalition App Homeschool CEEB Codes Applicant vs Counselor


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Has anyone use the Coalition App to complete any college applications? 

The CEEB codes are all messed up and I am not sure what to do? If DD should just submit applications with all the crazy codes (how much do they matter) or wait to see if Coalition help desk ever fixes it (not sure how long we will be waiting because they don't see it as a problem)?

I contacted tech support once about the CEEB code for the counselor side of the coalition app because it would not populate the CEEB code of 970000; which I thought was the universal homeschool code. Turns out that Coalition uses CEEB codes from ACT, so the code SHOULD be 969999. However, that is not happening either.

When daughter took the ACT, she checked a "homeschool" box (you do not enter a code) and then it automatically populated to reflect, I guess what is now, ACT's universal homeschool code of 969999. So that is the CEEB code (969999) that is on her ACT. Which is different from the College Board CEEB code of 970000, which is also on the COMMON APP.
However, the bigger problem I am now running into is that Coalition App is listing various codes for Homeschool (applicant vs counselor) and none of them are the same--they do not even match the ACT's universal code of 969999.  
So far, these are the codes that are populating:
-Daughter's coalition app: 991099 (which is the very old Florida homeschool code)
(We put in the ACT matching CEEB of 969999 in the school name field so that at least matched her act test but now it has two codes listed next to each other-
-The school name field it shows Home School (CEEB 969999) (9910999)
-My counselor coalition acct: 999999 (which means the code is invalid)
(I also typed in CEEB 969999 in the school name field so at least something would match but again now there are two codes listed next to each other)
-The school name field it shows Home School (CEEB 969999) (9999999)
Since a code of 999999 means an invalid code I wonder how it populates if it can't find the counselor's school.
I imagine it is going to get very complicated for the colleges to decipher what CEEB code is the right one for my student, my counselor account, and other homeschoolers (not even considering on other apps it is reflected as 970000 (college board)).
Does anyone know if B&M schools normally have a variety of different CEEB codes (one for College board vs ACT, etc) or are they the same?  How much do these codes matter?
Any advice on which CEEB code to use? Should I just leave the code (969999) I manually typed into the name field there, despite the population of the other crazy codes that are no longer valid?
Anyone deal with the coalition app previously?
Any help is greatly appreciated?
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I am going through this for the first time, but haven’t submitted yet so don’t have a success story to share.

I did not use any CEEB codes. I ended up with the 999999 code and was able to check off “homeschooled” and then enter a school name if desired. I followed the instructions in this link: https://www.mycoalition.help/hc/en-us/articles/220042228-My-high-school-is-not-listed -#2 addresses “if you are homeschooled”- which suggest to not use the universal homeschooled ACT code, and ended up with the 999999 code. There is another help link somewhere that indicates this code is also the correct one when your school doesn’t show up anywhere. I don’t see anywhere that it says it is invalid.

As to whether it matters whether your codes match your student’s, I don’t know. Have you tried to link up her transcript yet, will it let you? I saw an older thread here that there was a problem when the recommender didn’t match the student for codes, but I would hope that has been resolved by now. I hope you get a more satisfactory answer from the help desk and post when you do! 

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@Penelope Do you know what CEEB code populated for your child in their applicant account? My concern is that ours don't match.  I did check "homeschooled" too and it populated the 999999 code for school not found.

I have not heard back from Coalition yet. I will post any updates. 

One issue I have is that one university says they will not accept any documentation that does not have a valid CEEB code. Ha ha - there are CEEB codes but every single one is different. 


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We set up the student account the same way, same code. I would think the universal ACT code for homeschool would be fine, too, but the link that came up with the “school not listed” button doesn’t seem to show any homeschool codes, and I honestly didn’t think of looking it up and using it. It could be that the ACT homeschool code is actually the correct thing to do. If so, this needs to be spelled out better on the site. I may be contacting them, too.

Edit: I found a link that makes me feel more confident that I am on the right track. It spells out more thoroughly what is in the other link, though it does not mention the 999999 code. https://www.mycoalition.help/hc/en-us/articles/218441247-High-School-Information-Section

They do not make any of this easy to find. There are a lot of help topics I have looked through over the last few weeks, but I only found these particular ones when I googled. It seems like you should be able to edit the school code(s) for one or both of you to be the same, whichever ones you decide on.

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I heard back from Coalition...sigh...they did not help at all and clearly she did not read what I wrote. She took pictures of the ACT homeschool code (969999) both my DD & I manually entered in our school names and said that the CEEB code was populating correctly (nope, I just entered it as part of the school name). But it is not...those wouldn't show there if I didn't manually enter them. She disregarded what I said about the other codes showing up and did not address the issue or provide a fix.

For instance, on my DD's application preview it shows her school as this.

School (ceeb): Home School (ceeb: 969999) (991099)

So essentially it shows two different CEEB codes together - the one I manually entered and the one that is populating (the wrong old florida homeschool code).

I give up. I don't have time to go back and forth with them. I have been dealing with this for more than a week. 😞 I don't know what will eventually print on the paperwork that gets sent to the colleges, so I am just hoping that it least always shows the manually entered ceeb code I entered and not the wrong one they keep generating and don't even realize they are doing it. I have one other fix I am going to try on Coalition and then we are moving on and will put the CEEB code on all of our submitted docs. 

The Common App is AMAZING. Everything works beautifully and the right Homeschool code populates and is included on all the documentation they submit to colleges on my DD's behalf. We have found one small issue on a specific university app that applied to every applicant, so my DD wrote to common app and they fixed the app within an hour or two. 

Good luck to you!

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