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Anyone know anything about the Schoolhouse teachers website lessons?

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I have a friend wanting to use the courses at https://schoolhouseteachers.com/ - this is not a method of homeschooling we have tried and I'm unfamiliar with it. Has anyone here used this and have any comments about it - open to both positive and negative reviews. She is a relatively new homeschool parent of a junior in high school so I'd like to provide her with good feedback but don't want to go with my initial feelings about it just because it's so different to how we have homeschooled through high school. TIA

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I have been a member for a couple of years. I have not used it as our full curriculum, but I have been pleased for what I have used it for.  Some classes are really well done. Some are done by publishers that already have a program somewhere, and they offer a few classes there for exposure. Some are done by homeschooling parents and may have less polish, but they are always improving the site. Many have lesson plans that are very easy to check off and use by the student alone. That helps a lot with planning. Some classes have video teaching. Some have interactive material, though I haven't used one yet. I joined SHT to get Mr. D's math the year odd needed geometry. With a subscription to SHT, you could get Mr. D's geometry self paced class for less than paying directly through his site. They don't offer any other Mr. D's, but it introduced us to Mr. D;s which ended up being a good fit for my odd, and we also got access to everything else on the site.  That was about all I used it for the first year besides access to the online encyclopedia which is nice and watching history videos to go along with our lessons like from DriveThru History.

Last year, my second year,  I mainly used it for art classes and to find lessons on a particular topic when I needed something for co-op or for a short lesson. We didn't do anything as a full curriculum.  I used in pieces: Drawing with Realism, Studio Art for Teens, lots from several different preschool plans when planning for co=op classes. I would just go there for ideas on whatever our theme was.  Then I spent a lot of time researching what classes I could use on it this year to really get more out of it, and to save some money, since I like paying for SHT. I thought I could really use it for some classes instead of enrichment and save some money and planning time.  The art classes we have used are fantastic. Some are from well known homeschool publishers, others are people I don't know.

So this year I have selected for dd15: History of Fashion unit study. We are SOOOO excited for this. It is an extremely well planned out unit study for all ages. It is something I was planning on doing for her anyway, so was very happy to see they had a class. i did spend a little money on some supplementary materials to make it a full elective course for her, but it wasn't necessary. We are just basing a lot of our year around this for her. 

We are also using one of the Biology courses. There were actually two to choose from. One required a lot of just reading from slides online, but then included interactive quizzes. The other was a video based lecture class with the outline semi started for the student to take notes from as the lecture goes on. This is a good skill to have, and mine learns well auditorily, so I went with it. We are only on week two, and it is a creation based class which might be a turn off for some, but we have used Creation materials before and just discuss it as we go, so I am ok with it. Then it assigns reading from whatever text you have. It has lists of several popular homeschool texts, and has the pages listed for each book as to which reading applies to the lessons. Then it has its own tests and such. It has lesson plans with check off boxes that make it really clear for my dd as to what to do each day, so I think this is going to be good for us. Note- the one I chose has no labs. We will do labs and field work on our own. The other slide class included some labs I believe. So you just have to research what you want in a class and look at each one. 

I also chose Understanding Modern History for my 12th grader. This is a perfect, very meaty modern history course. We are going to officially call it American History in context of World History as she needs Am. History for her transcripts. It is based on reading and analyzing primary source materials which is what I wanted for her, and I don't have to do the planning. It is very well planned out and includes a ton to work with. i am toning it down a little for my 10 th grader, but using it as a guideline for both. 

I think some of the classes are using things that are free on the internet anyway, but it is nice to have it organized and in one place with lesson plans. It saves time and effort. There is a lot of printing for many classes, or lots of reading online. We prefer hard copies, so I did print out a lot to get ready for the year in the classes we have started.  You also get a subscription to their magazine included, which is a really nice one, IMO. 

I need to start Algebra with my 10th grader. I am not super pleased with the Alg. they have as I will need to print from a couple of different sources, but I am going to try it. It is really just access to an online free text somewhere, but again, it is broken up into lesson plans and easy to follow. And I don't have a teacher manual to any of the Alg. texts I have lying around. I borrowed one for odd, and have since returned it. In my effort to save money I am going to at least try it. Have not started it yet, so can't say anything about it yet. 

I am also wanting to start spanish with both of mine. I haven't looked at their spanish yet, but they have one. I may use it in full or to supplement things I have here.  We are just easing into school, and I haven't picked it yet. 

I do think for the price,  it is well worth it, and I think a whole curriculum can be put together from it. 

But I have started the biology and fashion and history and love them. 

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Oh, and I like it for things like This Day in History writing prompts and other daily writing prompts "classes," where every once in awhile for something different in writing we'll pull something. I've used lists from them like monthly reading lists by theme and broken up by age for ideas. I printed out a bunch of managing feelings games from the special needs section which is good for all little ones, not just special needs. The more I think about it, I've used a lot, even not a lot of full classes. There is just so much on the site to pull from. It's nice to have all in one spot without a lot of searching and buying separately. 

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I actually really like the looks of several of the writing classes. Add in literature in the form of their reading lists or from one of their unit studies and I could do an English credit for a junior that I'd be happy with. I haven't used their upper level maths, but they're there. And I love many of the history selections. There is every type of elective anyone could want. I think I could pull together everything there with the library if I needed to. There is record keeping, planners, all kinds of forms and charts and helps for student and teacher. Next year I'll have a junior. I'll probably be using for her from there:

Mr D's Geometry, Friendly Chemistry, Understanding Ancient History (with Drive Thru History videos,) something for English and possibly Spanish 2 if I like it this year then whatever elective she wants. 


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