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Can anyone suggest ideas or material for an 8th grade boy that wants to improve his manuscript handwriting? Maybe something that shows different forms of handwriting that has worked for your older teens? He's completed cursive but thinks his print is elementary looking.... I've tried to show him different ways of print (slanted, d'nealian style, etc) but he gives me a long stare. It's not quite the same as my girls just wanting to sit around together practicing different ways of writing something. He does want to improve, gotta give him that! Please throw your suggestions at me! I'm at a loss. 

Oh, and we have cool notebooks, variety of pens, pencils, and what not.... just need some resources or direction. 

Thanks in advance!

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If you're looking for a writing program, you could check out Getty-Dubay (https://handwritingsuccess.com). They have a book that is written for adults who want to improve their handwriting, which may appeal to an 8th grader.

It's nice that he's motivated to improve his handwriting --- that's usually the biggest obstacle!

Good luck with the search!

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Print Path Raise The Roof is good.  It's meant really for kids working on moving from 3-lined to 2-lined paper, BUT really that's only a small part of the program, which you can skip.   That package of printables also includes stuff that they have in there to correct letter placement and letter formation problems that may have cropped up, and to improve speed, and thats what would be helpful.   I used it with my 7th grader during the summer and it did improve his handwriting some (there were some letter formations he was fighting me on...but it really helped for getting things to sit on the line and so forth).   With a more willing participant I think it would help a lot.    https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Handwriting-Practice-3rd-4th-grade-Handwriting-Without-Tears-STYLE-FONT-1423658

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