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The Mental Health Teachers Lounge 8-14-2019


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Morning and welcome to the Lounge!

Today's theme stems from the fact that I'm reflecting on my own mental health. There are days when the mire sucks me in. Thankfully it only lasts about a day but it's still 
a DIFFICULT day. This morning I'm obviously not in the mire because my brain said, "Just do SOMEthing productive." So my "cure" (more like, assistance) today will be to clear off the kitchen counter and dining room table. Come on in to recoup and stay out of the rabbit hole!

What tends to set you on edge or down the rabbit hole? Here: I'm loathe to admit it because I'm not a born-organized type of person but clutter will do it for me. But also not sticking to a schedule I've set for myself will do it as well. And for some reason, the day after I've been very encouraging to someone, I can find myself either on the edge or fully deep in the mire. Not sure why that is.

What do you find helps bring you down off the precipice or up out of the mire? Here: definitely being/doing SOMEthing productive! Sometimes being creative. And if it weren't so ridiculously hot outside right now, exercise (like a walk or a hike).

We all have our fave foods/drinks we turn to in times of stress (whether or not they really help 😉 ). What's your go-to food or beverage? Here: might be a certain pastry or soda. Or chips. It really depends on the day and the mood! LOL

And just for fun (to lighten the mood), check out this fun Introduction to Comets here.

Talk to me! 👂 👂 

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I'm feeling the end of summer blahs.  I'm so good when I have a purpose and routine and *something* to do.  This is the week of petty projects, appointments, and puttering.  I'm bored.  I've watched 15 episodes of Grey's Anatomy over the past few days.  I don't usually watch tv much at all.  And the weather is encouraging inside nothingness.  It's currently 68 degrees, grey, and spitting.  Blegh.  Tourists don't really go home until Labor Day so I don't want to go out to the stores and fight the traffic.

I like a cup of tea and shortbread or scones when I feel like this, but August doesn't seem to be the right time of year for that.  Usually ds and I would be out swimming or hiking or playing with friends.  It's just that inbetween-y feeling here.  Not summer, not fall. Summer programs have ended but not school yet.

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28 minutes ago, scrapbookbuzz said:

And now I'm finally sitting down to breakfast - at almost 0930 in the morning! That should help my mental engagement as well, since
the breakfast is protein-packed gluten-free banana muffins. Yumm!

Oh, definitely!

My day just took a new turn.  I have a beautiful stretch of woods behind me.  The postal carrier tipped me off that every person with those woods behind us got a signature-required letter from the town as I was signing for mine.  She says it is more than likely they're putting in something, maybe a road.  The letter contained no details other than a meeting about the land, and I'm a bit sad if it does come to pass.  I still have an acre+, but there's a spare acre between us and our backdoor neighbors.

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Oh, I hope they don't "develop" your wooded lands! I get SO annoyed when I see new buildings being built when we have all these VERY USABLE buildings standing empty already! And don't even get me started on how getting rid of the plants and trees has a negative effect on everyone's health!  Please keep us updated on what's going on with the land near you.

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I’m struggling too. I started my 17th year of homeschooling. I’m only teaching my youngest as dd14 and dd17 are in virtual school. I’m just over it. But I can’t be. My son still needs me and we’re not putting him on school. And he’s not ready for virtual. But I’m just bored with the material. 

I realized that I have nothing to say to my dh at the end of the day. Cleaned. Cooked.did school. 


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