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Formal Logic Recommendations

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I just posted my 9th grade plan for opinions a few hours ago -- LOL.  I forgot to ask about formal logic!

My boys have been through Fallacy Detective and Thinking Toolbox.  At the curriculum fair we went to in June, I saw and liked the Memoria Press Traditional Logic 1 and 2 books.  They are very similar to the study guides the boys did with the Tiner science series.

I have also read about here and did some research on:

Art of Argument

Discovery of Deduction

Nance's Intro and Inter Logic.  Someone on here said, "Nance's Intermediate Logic is symbolic logic, i.e. mathematics-based, modern logic. If your son is going into a STEM field, then this is recommended."  I have one that is interested in computers/programming.

Also, if we just stick to Memoria Press Traditional Logic, would each book count as .5 credit?  It looks there are 13 chapters in I and 14 chapters in II.

Any opinions, advice, recommendations?

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I have a kid who started MP's TL book but bogged down about halfway through. It was dry & a slog for her. She might have liked Nance's book better but we did not try it. It would have been a half credit had she finished it.

I know of other kids who got through MP's stuff ok -- it was not for us.

She had done Fallacy Detective and Art of Argument prior to TL.

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Our current progression is: Fallacy Detective (6th), Thinking Toolbox (7th), Art of Argument (8th) and I have Traditional Logic I and II for 9th and 10th.  I am hoping we can survive them (TL 1 and II), or I will go for Discovery of Deduction I guess. Or maybe the Nance one. I thought I heard it is more of mathematical logic? (ETA: Just saw comment in OP)

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