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Please help me find something on CollegeBoard.org

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UPDATE:  See 2nd post.



College board---grrrrr!   They changed their website.

My son was approved for time and a half for college board tests (SAT, AP tests, etc.)  I have a paper copy of the letter, but I wanted to look at his letter online on the college board website.  In the past, I had written down what I need to do this to see his letter, and this is how it worked in the past:

Username:  (Son's user name here)
Password:  (Password entered)
Go to top in the Search field and Search for My Organizer
When you get the results, click on My Organizer
Re-enter the password
Click on My Tests
When you’ve clicked on it, look to the right of the My Tests and click on View your eligibility letter.


But this doesn't work anymore. I can find My Organizer and re-enter the password, but there is no option for "My Tests."  I have tried searching for "My Tests" and searching for "eligibility letter" and "how do I view my eligibility letter" but it gets me nowhere.

So....anyone know how to view eligibility letters on college board?


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Huh.  Well, I sent college board an email asking for help in finding his letter, and they wrote back saying the website is down and they're working on it and they'll send me a paper copy in the mail. 

The collegeboard.org website is fine, (I'm able to log in and see my son's test results)  but maybe the My Tests part with the letter is down?  I don't know.  I wish they'd confirmed if the way I was looking for the letter is the right way or not.  

I will table this for now and see if the website ever comes back up again.  


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