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I thought I was past the crazy hormonal emotionality!!

dirty ethel rackham

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So, today, I went to my volunteer job where I interact with kids with complex medical needs.  Since it is summer, the center currently has a lot of older kids who are there for respite care.  So, today, I was reading to a girl who looked about 3rd grade (but probably a lot older ... it can be hard to tell with these kids who have some severe developmental disabilities in addition to their complex medical situations.)  I was reading Ramona, the Brave.  I remember loving her as a kid ... I identified so much with her  Well, while I was reading yet another episode where she was misunderstood by the adults in her life and ... I teared up ... like tears were rolling down my face and no tissues in sight😭.  It was like I was a little kid again, trying SOOO hard to please the big people in my life and everyone being unhappy with me.  I was so embarrassed.  Fortunately, I was able to hide my face behind the book.  I was shocked at my reaction.  I may cry more than most in private (mostly in the shower), but years of bullying made it very difficult for me to be emotional in public.  I'm putting it down to hormones, but that weird emotional feeling is still with me several hours later.  

Anyone else find themselves unusually emotional today?  

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I get like this sometimes.  The most embarrassing one was when I was in college.  A guy took me to see "Mrs. Doubtfire" on a first date.  Everyone else in the theater was laughing, because Robin Williams.  I had tears running down my face and I just couldn't stop crying.  My parents had divorced when I was really little, and I just felt for those kids, IYKWIM. :)

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