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SNAKES and stones???


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So I’m grooving to Taylor Swift’s You Need to Calm Down, and I notice she says “but SNAKES and stones never broke my bones” instead of “STICKS and stones” which is the term I’m familiar with.

So because this is the place for all things regional, I figured I’d ask where this is a common expression.

Also, I’m baffled because how is a SNAKE supposed to break a bone? 

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I don’t know anything about the K’s or celebrity feuds, but it does make A LOT more sense that it would be throwing shade at jerks instead of a regional term meaning the same thing as “sticks and stones”.

I’m feeling kinda silly at my own question. Thanks for the clarification! 

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Oh! from the title I thought you were going to be asking does having lots of stones in your garden attract snakes.

and it depends on the type of snakes

 red belly blacks much prefer compost piles in winter - much warmer. though a few nice large stones are great for sunning themselves on.

 as for people snakes - I don't have any experience in them to say



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