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Favorite Dickens audiobooks?

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Besides Jim Dale's and Patrick Stewart's readings of The Christmas Carol. We have those and like them.


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Oh, oh, I know, I know!!!! Anton Lesser reading Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities.

He is amazing, and I think he won awards for Tale of Two Cities.  He brings so much to his characters - both men and women.  It’s not just voices (although Ms Havisham and Mdm Defarge are two voices I can still hear), he also brings life in his inflections, pauses, fluidity, and command of Victorian English. And his general narrating voice is pleasant, not pedantic; passionate but not overly dramatic.  I’m so glad you asked because I recommend these two readings again and again to people (and have listened to them multiple times). Hope you find what you are after, but definitely sample these!

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