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Handwriting and Ease of Writing

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I taught my son handwriting and he has excellent, readable handwriting...but worrying about whether things were written correctly was slowing down his writing too much.  I would like to help my son write faster and more easily without worrying about being perfect.   He's 11.

I'm also now tutoring another child in, among other things, handwriting.   Her handwriting needs serious work, but she enjoys writing and writes quickly.   I would like to help her writing become more legible, but without squelching her enthusiasm or causing her to focus so strongly on handwriting that it slows her regular writing down too much.   (She's a very gifted 5 year old who has already been through kindergarten and entering 1st grade.   I'd say not to worry about handwriting at all at this young age...but I also know that writing habits learned early tend to stick and are hard to break later). 

Any suggestions?  Methods?   Things to  say?  Ways I can handle practice that might help keep more of a balance between neatness and speed?


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