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Please point me to free fairly complete resources for fourth grade science and social studie

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Mystery Science is pretty good and free to try for the first year.

I'm never sure what one means by social studies, we study history and geography.

I think Story of the World is great for 4th grade history and paired with the activity book it is pretty complete, you have suggested books, activities, maps, coloring sheets. You can even buy a book of tests if you like as well.


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Just me, but I tend to think that the words "free" and "all-inclusive" are pretty much mutually exclusive adjectives when discussing homeschooling. 😉 

Perhaps we might be able to come up with some ideas for different aspects of your needs if you could provide a few more details. And also, which of those 2 adjectives you might have a little flexibility with -- because all-inclusive curricula is usually expensive, and free or low-cost curriculua or resources tend to NOT be all-inclusive, so you have to be willing and able to  have a lot of time and ability to "cobble together" a number of things to make your own all-inclusive. Thinking through some questions can help:

- Can you pay a little bit? (for example -- if you can afford a little $$, some workbooks are pretty inexpensive and would tend to touch on most topics)
- When you say "all inclusive", do you mean: All laid out for you in one place? Covers all the topics of that subject? Both?
- Or are you willing/able to put in some time/effort to put together diverse resources to create your subject?
- Is this for an individual student? Several students? Or a co-op?
- Are you new to homeschooling? Or have you been doing it for awhile -- and have you "done" 4th grade before?
- Is this for your child / children, or are you teaching other children? Or is this to help a friend get started with homeschooling?
- What exactly do you want to cover in your "social studies": History? Geography? World Cultures? State History/Gov't/Culture? Civics/Government? Current Events?
- Does this need to be secular? Christian? Doesn't matter?

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In our 4th grade (and K-5 as well) we do informal science and history/social studies. We visit national and state parks and watch or participate in tours, reinactments, Jr. Ranger and Jr. Scientist programs, etc. We hike and use maps. I take them with me to run errands like registering for our license plate or voting (civics!). We have a pass to the children's museum and spend time in their STEM projects room that changes weekly. We also check out nonfiction library books each week and they read them on many topics all year round. Netflix and Amazon both have many streamable documentaries, even shows like Carmen Sandiego and Magic Schoolbus are appropriate for 4th grade. (Others we like are Popular Mechanics for Kids, the Who Was Show, and Liberty's Kids although it isn't streamable, the DVD is under $10 for the whole series). We listen to the SOTW audio in the car. We do Mystery Science, and although we pay, the first year is free with limited access.

We don't do workbooks or "curriculum" as such. And I'd consider us on the academically intense side for homeschoolers. I just can't buy into a curriculum for social studies or science in elementary. It's just unnecessary if you're mindful. 

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They have a complete history and geography curriculum available free to download. You can print it out, but I will have my kids read the student readers on the computer and only printed out the worksheets. There are also links to videos and games corresponding to the lessons in the teacher's guides.

They are working on a science curriculum as well and currently have 3 units out for 4th grade science.

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