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I spoke with my son and asked him what type of planner he’d like to use entering his 2nd year at uni.  I'm sick of wasting money on planners that don't meet his needs.  We sat down and DS told me what looked good and what he'd be willing to try.  I spent some time scouring the Internet and came up with free links.  I printed that bad boy and here are the links I used.

Daily To-Do List

2-page monthly calendar template

1-page monthly calendar template - I didn't actually use this template

Weekly Student Planner Basic -  This planner is editable using excel....I love it

 Basic year at a glance calendar

I created a title page, used a 3-hole punch, and printed combinations of these calendars to personalize son's organizer the way he liked it.  I included 3-hole punched and pocketed binder dividers to store incoming and outgoing work, 3-holed page protectors to store class syllabi, and printed up the uni's Fall 2019 Academic Session Dates.  Everything is stored in a plastic, 2 pocket folder with prongs from Walmart.   

 I've never been satisfied with planners.  For some reason, finding the free links took awhile, and so I wanted to share.  

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I really appreciate this. My son's school provides a planner, but it totally does not work for my son so we're making our own this year, trying to find something that works for him.

I figure a planner that works is the goal. By making our own, we are free to monkey with the guts from week to week, if necessary, to find out what is working.  I purchased these snap-in plastic dividers to help him keep his place in the planner.


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