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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Loading up the trailer in a little bit to drive up to a friend to take our extra furniture and such.  Can't wait to get more clutter out!  And it will feel good to help someone in the process.   And it will be great to see an old friend and catch up!

  • drive 1.5 hours each way to drop off furniture  
  • lunch with friend  
  • call cell phone company and ask some questions  
  • possibly order new phones for DH and youngest son- still deciding
  • Finish cutting foam and putting behind two canvas prints and hanging them for sound reduction- have to wait for DH to help, so who knows if it will be today or not
  • laundry  
  • I am sure I have more to do, but that is it for now


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Hope the race and the car go well, Jean! 🙂

We have out of town guests (with three young children), so I'm not sure exactly how things will play out today...

But I will still need to:

  • start laundry
  • kitchen clean up
  • hang laundry
  • finish filling out homeschool paper work to send to the state and to the local district
  • do a little something else in planning for upcoming school year
  • ???? with company
  • ???? for supper (not sure if we are eating with company or not)
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I hope the race goes well and your car repair is not expensive, Jean! 


I have an uncomfortable, official phone call to make this morning. Dreading it, but it must be done. 

If I have time: meal plan and make a grocery list. Nope

Leave a list for dh and ds

Spend the afternoon working on a Stars and Stripes project with dd and others from our troop. Fun, but exhausting too.

Shower, eat something, prep for church and go to bed early. 

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Good morning!

Go Jean!!

Scout, good luck with the yucky phone call!

  • morning chores
  • drag kids out of bed
  • go around to several dealerships to look at cars with ds19
  • get lunch (kids want to try a new Chinese buffet - I'm usually not a fan of those, but this one is supposedly really good)
  • go to comic book store & Target
  • maybe a quick stop at the grocery store
  • evening chores
  • dinner: ?? probably just pick up something easy at the store
  • watch a movie tonight?
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Wow- a race for Jean??  I hope it goes well and you recover well too.  I do not know if I could even walk 5K in this heat.  But of course, you probably are having cooler weather.  Today is my rest and recover day.  I had a very busy week and actually few weeks with all sorts of medical issues and pro

  • Meds, breakfast done
  • scheduled appointment with new hair stylist (my old one moved since her dh graduated grad school)
  • take shower
  • decide where to go, if anywhere, since I am alone this afternoon.  I want to get some exercise done.  I may just dance at home.  Oh, I just checked Airnow.gov and the air is bad and I am on 40mg Prednisone already because my asthma has been bad so inside only stuff, I guess
  • decide on dinner, maybe.  My dh and dd and sil are caving with three newbies and they may stop and eat on the way home.  That would leave my younger dd and me to have dinner.  Or if all five are here, I don;t know. 
  • movie, Mad Men, ????
  • Do dh;s medical paperwork
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Whew, finished a hard four hours of moving gravel in the blazing sun. We did paint a little, which was easier, but still hot. Fun to see our girls work together to accomplish a large, challenging task! 

Next up:
Figure out dinner. Probably pizza. 
Read or watch a movie


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1 hour ago, heartlikealion said:

It would be ok if you did, @Jean in Newcastle. Good job! 


Oh I know.  And no disrespect was meant for whoever might have been last.  I was just pushing myself and had being last as a personal fear.  One of the things I have noticed about the running/walking community over the years (Dd esp. has done many many races) is how encouraging everyone is towards everyone else. 

Napped for two hours when I got home.  So, so tired.  (And Margaret, this is why I can't walk even this much every day let alone what must be something like 3 hours a day for you.) 

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Woke up, had a call from a young man who is going to help us at camp this year. 

There was an email with information from my treasurer too but other than acknowledging that I got it, I didn't really have to do anything. 

Then dh and I went and collected my fixed car.  It was the alternator.  I am so glad that it didn't go out in a couple of weeks on the way to camp! 

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