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Diagraming the Serenity Prayer... Help Please!

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Hi Diagramers, 

    My sons and I are are trying to diagram the Serenity Prayer and are having difficult!  Can you help? :)  
God grant me the serenity to accept the thing I cannot change, the courage to change the thing I can and the wisdom to know the difference. 
God  |  Grant    |    Serenity 
         |                          to
                                      accept | change   ??  
                                     change |   ??
                                      know    ?? 


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Well, this is going to be tough to do  because of the formatting on here. I will make my best guess. There are much better grammarians on here than I am.

I would think you have three DOs here: serenity, courage, and wisdom.  Me is going to be an IO hanging under the verb.

I would think that if you diagram "to accept" as an infinitive, the entire phrase "the thing I cannot change" will be diagrammed on a tree as the object of "to accept". On that tree, "I" will be the subject, cannot change will be the verb, and thing will be the direct object.

For the object of the infinitive "to change", another tree, "I" the subject, "can (change)" the verb, and "thing" the direct object. The second change is omitted but understood.

"To know" has a simple object of "difference" with "the" as a modifier.

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