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ELTL or Writing with Skill


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Hello everyone, 

I'm trying to decide between using ELTL level G or Writing with Skill for my 7th grader and I was hoping to get some opinions. He has used MCT English for the past few years and loved it but I need something a little more open and go and in one book (and we will continue using MCT off and on as well). If you have used either one or have knowledge of them I would love to hear opinions. Thanks so much!

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We have not used level G (we're doing D this year), but I've really liked what I have seen from ELTL.  My youngest enjoys the aspects that I looked for in LLATL: the books, grammar, and writing instruction is all integrated.  I like that it's 3 days a week so that we can be more flexible and not feel like we're rushing.  I have a feeling that we'll use it the rest of the way through the series.  It feels gentle and rigorous at the same time.  However, we treat it as a buffet: we use our own dictation and picture studies because we have programs we like better.  Last level not all the copywork was done because it was too much. I don't feel like we're missing out by substituting.

That said, I have WWS 1 on my shelf from my oldest.  It is a very good program.  It prepared him well for high school and he thrived with its structure and scaffolding.  It's a 4 day a week program, and I would not be inclined to try to smoosh lessons together if you get behind but continue to work steadily through them.  Literature is kept to excerpts, which means you pick the books, but it also means you can tailor the writing lessons to go with other subjects, too, and slowly increase the expectations there because it's been explicitly taught.  For ds, this was one of the few writing programs he really found value in.

I think in your shoes I'd download the samples of both and go over them with a fine tooth comb to see which fits your kid better.


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