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Mr. D Math - Algebra - from MM7

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For my rising 8th grader, I am planning on going from MM7 to Mr. D Math for Algebra - the self paced option.   I reached out to their customer service and found out the self paced courses are good for 18 months.

My son struggled with MM7 as a 7th grader and I was either going to spend the first part of this year finishing up with a major emphasis on review, then start Mr. D hopefully by the New Year... Or the other option is go ahead and start Mr. D now, going super slow, taking the whole 18 months if needed.   

Just curious to see if anyone sees any pros/cons to do it either way.    MM7 was a struggle in part, I believe, because of the lack of an actual teaching element (besides the reading ...and me..ugh).

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What did  you do before MM7? My dd did MM 1-6 and then we tried a semester of Tabletclass pre algebra (a disaster for her) and then we went back to MM7 (got through about 2/3 of it) and moved onto Mr. D Algebra 1 (live class). She had a great year. I don't think anything new was introduced for awhile, but I was ok with that as I wanted those concepts solid and her adjusting to online learning. I would probably start Mr. D and just take it as slow as needed. 

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