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Does this math exist?


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Lots of fact practice, not too frustrating, built in review, colorful, short lessons, NO timed tests/quizzes/games. 

I like CLE as it works, and it was great for DD9 who is transitioning to TT and for my oldest. But for my rising 1st grader I don't know that it will work. We did a few light units last year, for kindergarten, and had a lot of angst. Towards the end of the year we did Kahn Academy and he sped right through, finishing K and 1st grade and part of second in a very short amount of time. BUT...I'm not confident he is going to retain stuff he flew through that fast, and there is no fact practice, etc. I also do NOT need him accelerating to the point where he is past my DD - that would be a nightmare. 

Thoughts? MM has lessons that are too long and not anywhere near enough review. Oh, and I want kind of open and go, not juggling 4 books plus games plus....

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What about Mathematical Reasoning?  It could work for him.  It reviews and builds, is colorful, has a single book w/ no manipulatives, and if you're confident that you're able to help him over humps, would work.

Other choice would be Beast Academy 2, but that may have more books than you want.

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57 minutes ago, seemesew said:

The good and beautiful Math might be a great fit. Lots of fact practice, colorful work pages (only 1 or possibly 2), and some games its a good mix of spiral and mastery.  It does use manipulatives that may not be what you want (I'm trying to decide that for myself too) but it seems great in every other point. They currently have Math K,1 and 2 is coming out the end of August with other levels coming out 2 per year. My friend put it this way: It’s visual like Horizons, it has the stories and applications like Math Lessons for a Living Education, and it has the games and manipulatives for visualizing the problems like Right Start. *I would add short


I'm looking at samples and this may be PERFECT!!! Not so boring he shuts down, but still going slow enough that he doesn't skip over things that he will need later. Makes me wish there was a level for the 4th grader! 

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