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My Dd hopes to take the Musical Theater class offered at her tutorial every year, 9th-12th.  We'll see if that ends up being reality, but if she did, can I count it as a credit each time? Label it "Musical Theater I, II, III, and IV"? They do similar things each year, but with a different cast and a different show. No issues with it meeting the required hours for a credit. 

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My middle daughter did something similar with a major stage musical production each year.  First year I called it a  class and on the transcript and credit it went  and wahoo, got that Fine Arts requirement done.  For the other years, it was just part of "portfolio" (extra curricular activity).  However, in my local district (same state as you, but probably different county), there are schools with Theater I II III IV.  Different aspects apparently get to be the focus each year but it includes a different show too.   Some schools offer Band 1, 2, 3, 4 or Vocal Performance, or Instrument each year.   You have options and might decide later based on how it goes, and what college goals you'll have.

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