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How's everyone doing on their healthy menu planning?I


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I really dropped the ball!  We just had one thing after another happen that kept disrupting any planning.  So it's been very slap dash.  One day I'll really rock it and the next I'm scrambling.  I think so much of it is I am just burned out with all the crazy dietary restrictions.  But anyhoo, I did come across a really good Salmon Salad recipe that my family actually liked and that checked all the dietary restrictions.  I got it from Eat Nourishing.  Here's the link:  http://eatnourishing.com/recipe/canned-salmon-salad-with-cucumber/

I really liked this recipe because it only called for two small cans of salmon (I suppose you could use one big can).  It makes a surprising amount of salad.  It fed all 7 of us.  So this one is a keeper for us.  

So have you tried any new recipes that met with success on your healthy menu planning adventures?

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We're doing pretty okay!
The youngest and I volunteered at the fair for 8 hours yesterday.  We brought our own lunches of stir fried vegetables, noodles, 1-egg omelettes w/chives, fruit, and yogurt.  It all looked and smelled so good that ds didn't even ask for something from the booths until much later.  Of course, he was also given more than enough sweets as the day went on by well-meaning folks.  By the last, even he realized it was too much and took home a large pudding parfait to enjoy today. 
I had made dh breakfast burritos to put in the freezer this month and they turned out very well.  He was taking frozen breakfast sandwiches like Jimmy Dean.  These were just as easy to do at home and have available for him, plus I could make them big enough to be a meal instead of having him feel hungry still.

Up next - healthy eating while camping.  I know there will be s'mores.  And chips.  And hot dogs.  We're going slightly remote and those keep well.  First night is always hobo packets, so we're taken care of there.  I'm hoping to pick up some pre-cut fruit and veggies at the grocery store when we stop up there to pick up oatmeal and yogurt for breakfasts.  We'll do roast potatoes and corn, but since our family is still figuring out a balance between everyone's camping styles (oldest and I prefer backpacking, minimal waste; dh prefers easy even if it's a lot of packaging), the menu is still up in the air.

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