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Etsy? Anyone with experience having a shop?

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 I’m wondering if anyone has experience with Etsy? I am seriously thinking if setting up a shop and selling crafts, but I am not sure where to even start. I’ve done in home childcare for more than 17 years, but ended that business about a year ago. I have sold items on Facebook & online yard sales, but I really don’t enjoy that too much. I know how to sell on Ebay, but I don’t use it for selling crafts.  

I need to get a new business going, otherwise I may end up going back into childcare. That’s not a bad option, but I have always wanted my own crafting business and I want to give it a fair shot while I have an opportunity. 

If anyone has experience, will you please share information with me? I’m really just looking for ANY helpful tips, suggestions, & advice. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. 

Everyone have a wonderful day! 😊

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