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College algebra or pre-calc as DE class- which one to pick?

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Ds  will be taking DE math through local cc and we nee to decide which math to pick College algebra or Pre-Calc. He has taken completed algebra 1 and geometry at home with a solid B (because de did not put more time into studying as he should have). And finished Derek Owen Honors Algebra 2 with a solid B -again because did not spend as much time studying as he should have but still made 89 for the year. So, which of the two DE classes do we pick? Would it look strange to have Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and College Algebra listed on transcript?

Thank you


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I am sitting on the same decision for my dd next year.  The school she will attend requires a math placement exam but even if she scores high enough for pre-calc, which is likely, we can still choose college algebra.  At our school College Algebra 1 and 2 is acceptable in place of pre-calc.  Being her first DE experience, we will likely go that route if she is close to the lower cut-off for pre-calc.  This varies widely by school so that would be a factor if I were in your place.

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Are you sure you're allowed to choose? 

If so, I would say take Pre-Calc.  This way when he applies as a freshman, whether he is going for STEM or not, he will have a stronger high school transcript.  Unless math is an issue for him, he should be fine.

Also, one of our local community colleges offers a two part Pre-Calc, that takes a whole year to complete.  If possible, I would sign up for that since it sounds like he doesn't really love math.


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Precalculus is a term whose meaning can differ from location to location.

My daughter was required to take a math placement test at the local community college. She placed into College Algebra.

After that class, she took Trigonometry. Both classes used the same textbook -- Precalculus by Sullivan.

Prior to taking the placement test, my daughter had completed Algebras 1 and 2 as well as Geometry.

On 7/23/2019 at 6:27 PM, housemouse said:

Would it look strange to have Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and College Algebra listed on transcript?

No, it would not look strange. College Algebra might be considered to be Algebra 3.



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