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Online High School Classes... Looking for Great Suggestions & Experiences with Them 🙂

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I would love to hear of recommendations for various online high school courses please. Id love to hear about ones for the main core classes, for Spanish II, and ones that would be great for videography, creating video games or movies, or cinematography (electives).  It’d be great to see courses that involved live classes, or just more interaction than just staring at a screen all day. Also. , I’d love to hear experiences you’ve had using them, what your child thought, or any other useful information you’re willing to share. 

I’m thinking about outsourcing a few classes for our son who will be going into 10th grade this school year, and then teaching one or two myself.  Some may have seen my very recent post about homeschooling through high school. Due to all the great responses, I’m considering going a different route than the online program we did last year. 

Thank you in advance for any information. 👍🙂

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We've never really loved any of our online classes except one which you're not looking for...online classes tend to be dry, and big information dumps.  A few that we felt were more people-focused and had more involved teachers, were wayyy overkill on academics and expectations (for us.)  For AP classes, PAhomeschoolers is the best we tried.

BUT some of my friends all really love OutSchool!  I would definitely say they are the best platform and source for what you're looking for.

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Based your post, your student may prefer taking classes at community college.  You'll want to contact local families who are familiar with dual enrollment requirements locally.  

Otherwise for Spanish, Language Bird is very interactive, and you can work at your own pace.  

Stanford Online High School is also very interactive with a nice community of students worldwide, but tuition is high and you need to apply as you would any private school.  But you can enroll part time or for a single course.  

My dd loved her PAH classes and made friends there too.  She just returned from Orange County to visit an old PAH friend and will be flying out to Utah next month to see another PAH friend before starting college.  

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Here are the classes we have liked so far - all fresh in my mind as i'm knee deep in HS transcript & course descriptions:

AP Macroeconomics - great class, fave of my son's
AP Microeconomics (semester class) - good prep for AP
AP Chemistry - hard but thorough. great class, not for the faint of heart
AP Comp Govt - prepared well for AP exam, liked the 1x weekly live meeting
AP Eng Lang (Walker) - but may wait on that until 11th grade...

Edhesive - both are great and more reasonably priced
AP Computer Science A
AP Stats

Derek Owens - awesome for math & physics
AP Calc AB
Hon Physics

AP US Govt / coupled with at-home text reading - very cheap and covers the bases

Wilson Hill Academy - prices have gone up a lot, so we've veered away from them, but we've found them to have great math classes. live instruction.
Geometry, Alg II, Pre-calc

Well Trained Mind Academy  - with registration fees, still a bit on the costly side, but good instruction. live classes a plus
US History (this was ok)

Homeschool Spanish Academy - love this program, one on one skype classes 2x weekly. but a bit pricey if you're trying to be frugal
Span 1-4

WriteatHome - good writing instruction/feedback. can take a full year/semester long or multiple 8-week essay workshops. helps writing with very detailed feedback

Roy Speed - great Shakespeare literature intensives. Live classes - short workshops

MyHomeschoolMathClass - from a fellow board member, turned instructor - great math instruction esp for my math-loathing dd

ETA  - PS we're trying a few new ones this year and I have high hopes they'll be great.
Clover Creek Physics (fellow board mom - all sections are full currently for this year though)
FundaFunda US History, Biology, Intro to Photoshop & Photography (another board member founded this - i hear great things)

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