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Parental controls for a kids computer

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Here's something I don't understand. Across the board, windows, chrome OS, and iOS seem to have come a long way with parental controls on minor accounts. But it seems ridiculous to me that you can't disable the stores in any of these platforms. Sure, you can restrict "inappropriate content" and make it so that they need an adult to actually download something -- but there are plenty of inappropriate icons that still pop up if you search something like "sex" (shocker: the developer rated them E for everyone!). I don't care that my kids wouldn't be able to download them - I don't really want them even having access to the store to see the icons at all!! Am I missing something here in the parental controls? I feel like this is such a huge oversight, and I just can't understand why windows and chrome OS do it! Can anyone show me how to fix it? 

I want to be able to trust my kids with a password to a kids account on a computer so that they can log on to their own online schoolwork. Yes, the laptop should only be used at the table in public view. But, I'd rather cover all my bases. Is anyone aware of something that restricts store access altogether, rather than just restricting to the "e for everyone" content?

ETA: On the iPad, I know I can at least use the screentime app to restrict access to the app store altogether. I wish there were something like that for the others!

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