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Math U See Dilemma (& TT)

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We decided on TT this year because I looked at some samples of R&S, CLE, and TT, and TT had the best explanation on that particular topic.  Then I just read this:

"My kids appeared to thrive in TT until we tried math outside the TT program and books. Then unrealized though they aced the TT assign nuts, they had lost two full grade levels of math ability by the time we left TT. It was sobering to see how important it is to dive deeper and not just tell kids do it this way because that's just how it's done (which TT actually said!!)

Oh, NO!  

So, I LOVE the way MUS teaches the "why", but is just knowing the "why" enough?  Does MUS teach enough beyond the "why" for a son interested in tool & die?

He has done Saxon Alg. 1 and liked it, but he wanted a different geometry.  He's not sure if he wants to continue with Saxon after that.  He likes somewhat of spiral, but Saxon was too much for his liking.  (I know they call Saxon incremental, but to us, it still felt spiral).  He did mostly Saxon an CLE for elementary.



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I would not change your plans about TT based on one review. Having used TT for a few years with multiple kids, I do not know how what she says is even possible, but I've read my fair share of negative reviews, and I'm not about to say they're lying, because they're probably not. But that said, you need to find out how your own kids do with it before you write it off. It might be the perfect thing.

I don't know much about tool & die, but it's a type of machinist, isn't it? If your son wants to go into a trade like that, either TT or MUS will both be totally adequate. In fact, my son, who will also go into trades, did Algebra 2 last year and did very well, but it will all be completely useless to him. He could have completed his math education at geometry for the field he wants to go into and been fine. So completing through Alg. 2 or Pre-Calc with either TT or MUS will probably be plenty of math. Of course, you should also check the math requirements of the course he would be interested in taking. I'm just going by what is done locally to me, and it might be different in your area.

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Here's the thing I see too often with TT - parents think it can be more hands off.  It can't.  It still needs the parent to assess and monitor, helping where needed.  So many of the bad reviews I see are from parents that took too big of a step back and didn't act quick enough.  It can happen with any program.  I spent this weekend watching VideoText Algebra dvds and one of the first concerns I had in the "training" portion was that too much responsibility was given to the student.

You can use any program to your advantage.  Just keep that in mind and stay involved with the TT lessons.  Frankly, I'd play dumb and before a student could move on, I'd want them to teach me what they learned while I ask all the stupid questions on earth so I could figure out what might need more attention.

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