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Dumb Question re: Physics/Science

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As students progress through science courses, how do they maintain mastery of material from previous courses?

Is there a series that just provides lots of cumulative reviews of a course? We're almost done with our home grown, text-based course in Physics, and it looks like after this one boy will do Anatomy and Physiology, and the other Chemistry.

I have been harvesting practice exams and past exams because I plan to just give them a random "midterm" or "final exam" from some Physic teacher as a review every week or two to keep them fresh, but is there a series out there that does this already for any or all of the various science courses students take in Highschool/college? The test prep books I have seen have too few exams to make it worth the investment.

I don't want to have to come up with dozens of exams for physics/chemistry/biology/A&P, etc.


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Perhaps consider going with an Integrated Science curricula?? That way you are getting some review of, or at least revisiting, the various Science topics each year. Example: Singapore Science: Lower Secondary Science (gr. 7-8), and, Science Matters (gr. 9-10).

Or are you thinking of something more like one of these??
Everything You Need to Ace Science in One Big Fat Notebook
 Science Essentials book
Teachers Pay Teacher: Middle School Science Review?

I know some people have their students spend 5-15 minutes a day an online flashcard program for review daily of  -- example: Quizlet. I can't find her post, but I'm pretty sure Wendyroo of these boards gave a great explanation a few months back of how her flashcard program (possibly Quizlet) shuffles the decks of subjects and reviews info more/less frequently based on if the student is remembering the core information for that subject. Here's an article with links to 8 more programs. You could enter key information onto the online flashcards one time as you all go through your science, and then your students could review several times a week on their own, and you would not have to make quizzes and tests for review.

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