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Films that tie in with astronomy study?

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What was the one where they went to a black hole ... Matthew McConaughey ... Matt Damon (who has apparently been type-cast as the doomed astronaut) ... Interstellar. Perhaps this is too far across the line into the "physics" side of astronomy?

I mean maybe you are really looking for a "use the stars to navigate" type of movie? Harriet Tubman laps to mind, but no movie along with. People used to navigate by the stars, but again, no movie ideas. Of course it was a bad idea to think I could search "star navigation popular film" and get anything but popular movie stars in return. Hah!

Oh! Don't forget the Eames short movie, "Power of 10" the part where they are getting 10x larger zooms out to the stars and beyond. (The getting smaller part is also interesting, but less directly applicable)

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Three more, not mentioned above:

Gravity (2013)
The Right Stuff (1983)
Moon (2009) -- rated R for language and brief nudity, but a fascinating look at a mining operation on the moon -- plus another big issue that I won't mention as a spoiler 😉

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On 8/26/2019 at 3:00 PM, hisacorn said:

What textbook/course are you using for your son's Astronomy course? Thanks!

I'm using Understanding Astronomy from The Teaching Company as the main core of the course and will have ds work through Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide.

I have The Astronomy Book on hand for reference and can also supplement with other Teaching Company videos as I have a Great Courses Plus membership this year, but the main required work will be Understanding Astronomy videos and Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide.

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