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AP exam...brag...delete if not allowed...

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I hope this is OK - it is a brag. But there has been very little for me to brag on with my first 4 dc as far as academics go. My 16yod wanted to tackle an AP exam so she chose APUSH. She completed a very, very rigorous class at home then self-studied for a few weeks. At the same time she was studying 2-3 hours/day for Bible Quiz Nationals and finishing her other classes. So we were hoping for a 4 but prepared for a 3. Scores came out during the Quiz competition so she didn't allow herself to look, but today, the day after she placed 5th in the nation for Quiz, she found out she scored a 5. I am laughing and crying and staring at her score in disbelief. I have kids who have always been "close" (PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.) but never were able to really knock something out of the ballpark. This is so huge for her...

Thanks for letting me share (finally!!).

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Congrats on both the Bible quiz & the AP score!

Here in the Hive, we share the lows & the highs. Always glad to hear a high, especially when it seems there haven't been (m)any.

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That's awesome!!! I bawled my eyes out when my DD got her girl scout Gold Award. It wasn't the best project of the year's bunch- well, I thought it was great, but she didn't win any of the scholarships awarded. But if people knew what an accomplishment it was for her and the struggles this kid had they'd cry too!! I was so emotional thinking of her whole life and twelve years as a scout. Congrats to your dd! I'd brag too. 

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