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An SAT ID question regarding name

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I signed my daughter up for the December SAT. When signing up, it said to make sure the name she is registered as matches the name on her ID exactly. 

Well, on the SAT registration form, I could ONLY put her middle initial, not her full middle name. Her ID has her full middle name.

Has anyone encountered this? I'm contemplating bringing my daughter to the DMV to get a new ID with only her middle initial, but was wondering since the SAT registration wouldn't allow me to put her full middle name, that portion of her name is not as big of a deal.

Thanks for answering my stupid question. My daughter keeps telling me to "chill", but I don't want her to show up and not be allowed to test.


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DS14’s name on his passport is longer (two more “words”) than his SAT and ACT admission ticket. The proctors basically check for First name, Last name, birthdate and photo (if in high school). He has taken SAT and three SAT subject tests on that passport (June 2016, June 2017, June 2018).

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Just echoing what Arcadia said:  My daughter just took the SAT in June.  Her passport (her only ID since she doesn't have a driver's license) has her TWO middle names, and her SAT ticket only had one initial.  No problem, and same with the ACT earlier this year!

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