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What's the deal with audited university classes for high school transcript?

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I need some help thinking through this. The background is that this is a private american university abroad, where DS would take a single (normally 3-4 credit) class, not for academic credit. This class is not part of core high school requirements, it would be considered an elective (or more precisely, an extra foreign language). I do not think this university would issue a transcript (because, audit), and this would be the only class taken there. I would include the class in my high school transcript.

 My question is, is there an obligation to report this class like I have an obligation to provide all university transcripts for all classes he has taken (for credit)? I ask because I don't want to be in one of those Pass/Fail = a C situation for GPA calculation purposes. I do not think so, because there is no college grade provided,  but I want to make sure and be above board. 

To be clear, the only reason to choose the audit version is cost: the already very $$$ class is about 3 times more for credit.  Pls don't quote.

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I would ask the university whether the course would appear on their transcript and, if so, how the transcript would read.  Once you have that information, you will be in a better position to make a decision.

Assuming that the course doesn't appear on the transcript or appears but just says "audit" or some such thing, I think you're good to transcript it yourself however you like. 

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I agree with EKS - I'd call the university and ask if there would be a transcript and how it would be recorded. If there is any transcript, I assume you'd need to turn it in with yours.

Assuming no university grade, I would think you could use the audited class as "part" of your own class and assign your own grade.

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