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Online G3 Lightning Literature 7 or another option?

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Have any of your children taken Online G3 Lightning Literature 7? How did you like it? Any pros and cons? Tips on making the best of this class?

In previous threads I learned that there is not much feedback or accountability for this class. That might not be a good fit for my dc. Any other classes where the literature discussions are vibrant, there is some writing, and a little more accountability??

Would greatly appreciate your input on this.

Thank you 🙂

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I agree with the notion that there isn't much in the way of feedback or accountability. My DS#1 did LL 7 & 8 last year and it took me about the first semester to catch on to the fact that he was basically skipping the forum assignments but was still getting them checked off because he'd responded in some way. (He'd write an incomplete sentence with no capitalization or punctuation and atrocious spelling that may or may not in any way relate back to the assignment, which was usually along the lines of a paragraph about a specific topic, but I only knew because I logged on as him and went hunting for his comments in the forums.)

But the classes were fun, gave his lit studies much needed structure, and got him involved in literature that he wouldn't have chosen to read on his own. I did see growth in how he approached the live sessions and assignments over the course of the year. 

If I were to do the Online G3 LL classes with DS#3 at some point in the future, I would probably buy the student workbooks and teacher manuals so I could quiz him on comprehension (read: verify that he actually read what was assigned) and give him something more concrete to work through, add a little accountability from my end.

As far as other options for online literature classes, I don't know of much, but I haven't really looked either. My DS#3 is doing a 12 week literature class through RFWP online this summer. The live sessions are good and keep him engaged. The kids respond to questions that MCT asks in class and they do have some good discussions, but probably 85-90% of the class is still listening to MCT talk. There is a *lot* of accountability in the written assignments. MCT has specific praises and suggestions for improvement for every single written assignment and will return a paper with instructions to fix certain academic writing faux pas before he will even grade it. However, there's only one assignment per week. That works well for us. I'd rather have DS#3 focus on one assignment and really go deep and give it his best than for him to rush through a long to-do list. The only drawback is that the lit-only classes seem to run only in the summertime.

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Ooh, Cake, finally a review of the MCT classes -- thank you!

Sacha was in LL 7/8 as well last year, and I agree with the above. I was totally hands off with his class, other than to periodically check to make sure that he was getting his assignments done in a [relatively] timely manner. Sacha isn't big on writing, so he will basically do the minimum required for the course, from that perspective. But, he loves to read and enjoys the discussion of the material with peers. I'm a full-time student, so I don't (unfortunately) have the time to read and discuss all of these books with him. To bump up the amount of writing that he does, we normally add in a separate composition course (we are trying out a Bravewriter Online expository essay class this fall and may try a CTY composition class in the spring, if Bravewriter doesn't work out -- still TBD). The OG3 lit classes we just use for lit discussion, although they do have a writing supplement for some of their later classes, which we might try down the road. 

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