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VP History Transition Guide or MP - Reviews?

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I am still trying to figure out History for my soon to be 6th grade daughter. We have tried History Odyssey in the past and that we s the one curriculum that she absolutely will not do.  We are also not fans of SOTW.   I have been looking at both Veritas Press and Memoria Press. I like the looks of both, although I’m not entirely sure what I would need from MP. 

First, has anyone here used the VP transition guide(s) for middle school?   How did it go? How long were you spending on History each day? Please share the good and the bad. 

Next, Memoria Press - what would I want or need to buy for a child that is new to MP?  We have not studied history chronologically in the past. I read somewhere to start with year 5, but I’m still not sure what I would need for history/classical studies. Also, if you have used this, how was your experience?  About how long were you spending on this each day?

i appreciate hearing of your experiences. 

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VP added in their published Pages of History Vol 1-2 to their materials. Transition works you through both of these fun adventure style books and the history cards with select resources.  

MP is a gentle history or American Studies until they add in Classical Studies and Christian Studies in 3rd/4th. Those grades study Greek Myths, Old Testament, Timeline, and American biographies. 5th moves to Ancient Rome, further Old Testament, further Timeline, and more American biographies. There is an Introduction to the Classics if you find it necessary. Intro covers Greek Myths, Famous Men of Ancient Rome, and Bible. 6th continues into Famous Men of the Middle Ages, New Testament, Timeline review and add new, and more American biographies.

7th is their big American Studies year with The Story if the 13 Colonies and the Great Republic and 200 Questions for American History Homework. This also is the year of Famous Men of Greece and a Bible overview. 

Homer and Mills Ancient Greece, as Paradox mentioned, isn't actually studied until 8th Grade with MP's schedule. But if you have an advanced student you definitely could. 

I'm in the throes of planning our 5th Grade year using a majority of Memoria Press materials and often look ahead to see where we are going. If I were just starting, I would work (picking and choosing what we wanted) at self paced with the American Studies supplement biographies, self paced with the Introduction to Classical Studies and jump into their 6th Grade plans with Middle Ages, NT, and so on. 

MP Literature also often plays in with the theme of history appropriate for the year. 

MP is not the only place I get our materials, but I do use a lot from them and it is why I am an affiliate. I could share links if you're interested and tell you much more than you probably need to know. Ha! But you can also use the coupon code cherryblossom to let them know I sent you. (I have a referral link for VP and love many of their materials too!)


ETA: Time. 10:55-12:15 on Monday is Classical Studies. Any left over time until 12:15 is American Studies. Same time frame, Tuesday is Geography. Wednesday; Christian Studies. Thursday; Science. Friday is review for all including correction, discussion further, flashcards, possible quizzes, add on documentaries and so on. 

To buy: Includes subject Teacher Manual, optional Student Workbook, Flashcards, and occasional readers. 


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