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Suggestions for a last-minute gift for a young-ish guy?

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Long story short, we have family visiting tonight, and while I knew it was my cousin's birthday, I just discovered that it's his 30th birthday. We have a card and cake, but I'm thinking this maybe calls for a gift as well. Worst case scenario, we'll give him a bottle of wine, but I'd like to put a little more effort into it if possible. Can anyone suggest something small but useful/thoughtful/creative?

He's a well-educated, thoughtful, intelligent history buff, eeeever so slightly to the right of center on the political spectrum (but he doesn't really talk politics much), family-oriented (lives with long-term GF), lives in a major city. We're close enough to see each other comfortably at family gatherings but not so close that I know too much about his personal life outside of the big things.

Thank you in advance!

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Actually, I think a bottle of wine would be nice, and enough.  You can look for one that has an interesting name or logo, for fun.  (I actually just did that for a 30th birthday!)


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Perhaps a game like Bananagrams or SET. These can be played alone but would likely be more fun if played with his girlfriend. (Bananagrams is fairly widely available; I've seen both games at Barnes and Noble.)

How about a Rubik's Cube? Or a jigsaw puzzle.

For pure fun, a juggling set.



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