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Update on our house situation

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We closed on our old house on June 21. Everything with that went fine. I sent off a cancellation of the contract to the listing agent for the new house that morning. She immediately called me. :biggrin: She then called the appraiser because the lender was saying that the pool had to be fixed & in working condition to close on the FHA loan. He also said that he was changing our closing to July 15th.  The appraiser said that wasn't what he said, the pool just needed to be secured. So, long story short, we're using a different lender with a different conventional loan with a new closing date of July 12. The big problem with that is the vacation rental that we're in right now we have to be out on the 13th and there is work that we need to do in order to move in. The appraisal was supposed to be in today so we're hoping that we can close early. I think that the paint & carpet can be done in about a week. The kitchen cabinets will take 3 weeks to get in once we order those so that's not too bad. The main bathroom we're keeping the tub so only need to replace the toilet and sink, which we found one we like at Home Depot that they have in the store. Please send us positive thoughts & vibes. I have never been more stressed in my life!

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