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Excellence in Literature and Writing Research Papers

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Has anyone ever used Excellence in Literature along with IEW’s Research Papers in the same year? Would it be too much? I’m considering both for DD. Looking over them now, I’m starting to second guess myself that both could be too much or too repetitive? 

Would usung Excellence in Lit alone be enough for a high school English credit?

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I use them both, but not both complete programs, if that makes sense. I had my D'S use Writing the Research Paper as a guide, reading relevant chapters as he went through writing a paper for a different course, but not doing any of the exercises, just applying the concepts in the book to his current project.

EiL assumes writong instruction has already been done, it doesn't include how to write, it just assigns writing topics. We use EiL for Lit after they know how to write both a regular essay and a literary analysis essay, which I teach using Elegant Essay and Windows to the World. But we only do about 6-8 works per year from EiL (not 9 as it's written) because my kids are slow readers. We mix and match units depending on what books they want to read and what period of history they are studying. EiL as written on its own is more than enough for an English credit! We do a little bit of vocab and grammar review once a week too, but if your kids have a good handle on that I don't think it's necessary for a credit.

Writing the Research Paper and EiL both emphasize very different kinds of writing, so I would suggest thinking about what your goals are for writing for your student this year. I do think that doing both programs as written is too much for 1 course. 

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