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how to get American history credit if we do early modern in 8th, modern in 9th

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Thinking ahead to high school credits...  I'm planning on doing early modern American/world history for my younger kids next year, and I'd like my 8th grader to do that time period also.  But that would mean she'd be doing modern American/world history in 9th grade.  She needs 1 year of American, 1 year of world, and 1 year of a "3rd year social science" for the major universities in the state, so that's what I'm wanting to get on her transcript.  (She only needs 2 credits in social sciences to fulfill state graduation requirements, and I'm planning on her having 4 credits, but I'd like to be able to check off the boxes for what the state universities require in case she decides to attend one of them.  She is currently uninterested in college.)  

It seems like ancient and/or medieval/renaissance history could count towards world history, but where could I fit in another 1/2 credit of American history in if she only does 1/2 credit in 9th as part of modern history?

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You just call that class American history and give it one credit.  It should take the whole year!  I am doing it with my 10th grader using the Holt blue textbook from Amazon.  It has a review of founding fathers stuff, then jumps to civil war and moves forward to 1990s.  I think it's called The Americans Reconstruction to Present- blue textbook.  I've added in a few books, but it includes movies, music, literature,  sports and stuff about daily life in each section. I've really enjoyed it.

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Give her a full credit in 9th grade.

You know you covered American history. I have seen it said to grant a credit in the year it is finished. So, theoretically you could have started it earlier than 9th grade and just finished it then. 

Also, if she spends a full year working most days on it, also legitimate to grant a full credit just for modern US History. It is still a years worth of studying US History. You can never cover everything in any topic. But you can study it for a year and grant a credit. 

I would just put it on the transcript as US History for 1 full credit in 9th. In the course description (if you do them) you could mention all the books used in 8th and 9th if you want to demonstrate the whole course. 

 That makes much more sense and will make more sense to an admissions officer than a half credit in 9th and a half somewhere else.

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