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thoughts/opinions on Learn Math Fast System

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Hello,   Does anyone have experience with the Learn Math Fast System products?  I am researching this for an option for high school math for a student with a medical condition to keep her on track. The math program I used for her older sibling could work for Alg 1 , but  not past that for this student.  I need something with few lessons, clear teaching, and a flexible schedule that will allow time for review. This student is gifted and scores fantastic on standardized testing. But I need something less rigorous that BJ Press, but still teaching the concepts clearly. We are finishing up the BJ Press Pre Algebra first semester and will be ready to start an Alg 1 by January.  I want to make sure she is prepared to do well on SAT, ACT and college math if she needs it.




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We tried several algebra programs including LMF, and I like it because it is written to the student, is self-paced, has few lessons with just enough practice, the concepts that are taught are broken down into smaller bites than most other curriculum, and the author is readily available to assist via email or phone. Also, the books are reusable since you can print all the worksheets from the LMF website as many times as you need. I did find that the algebra 2 portion (not sure which volume that was) wasn't enough for us. We got bogged down in the mixture problems finding percent concentrations and felt like there needed to be more explanation and more practice problems. They do have extra practice problems available on their web site, but not for those particular problems that we needed at that time.

We ended up using VideoText Algebra. It is a complete algebra course with short video lessons (that can be streamed or they have DVDs) with short lesson practice. There is a total of 176 lessons that can be completed over 1 or 2 years. They have a pacing guide to help you.

I know there are a few who have used LMF and gone on to college without any troubles, but I felt we needed more. It was a good supplement. VT gave my children a thorough understanding of concepts. The video lessons seem dated, but the computer generated graphs and explanations were excellent in explaining the processes.


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