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When doctors don't agree


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I always do my own research and decide.  Third opinion is an option too.

14 minutes ago, HeighHo said:

ask what criteria the decision is based on, and how the conclusion was arrived at

Yes, that is what I mean by research.  Because with all the medical people I have had to meet both for all my chronic illnesses and my children's issues, I have generally found that there are doctors who are at least trying to keep up with new findings and new approaches and doctors stuck in whatever time they went to Med School or the last time they decided to keep up with advances. 

The good doctors I have had totally hear me out and explained how they came up with their opinions or admitted they simply are not as familiar with the research as I am and then we discuss options.  I also come in with the attitude that I know they are not magicians and that my case is super difficult and I know they can't solve everything or maybe nothing at all that pertains to their field.  I just ask for openness, good attitude, intelligence, and curiosity.  I don't ask the doctors for miracles.

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He should also be bringing up the conflicting advice/information with each of his doctors and asking about it.  "You advised that I cut way back on my salt consumption but my kidney specialist, Dr. So-and-So, advised that I continue to use a moderate amount of salt in addition to the potassium supplement he prescribed, to keep my electrolytes balanced and in the normal range." 

I do a lot of internet research focusing on medical journals and very well regarded health institutions.  I either find data/info that supports what my doctors are telling me (and feel reassured that we are on the right track) or I then ask my own doctors questions what I have found and why we are doing something different.  I'll ask if I should have a certain type of test to investigate X, or try a trial medication of Y to see if it helps, etc. 

I'm not a passive patient.  

Edited to add: In the end, I find myself listening to the doctor who listens to ME!  That's who I trust.

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