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Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 question

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If I plan to use only the textbook (no CDs) and grade the student’s work myself using the Answer Key & Test Bank, would I do just as well to use the first edition of Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 rather than buy the 2.0 version? Is there all that much difference in content, or is the main difference the self-grading aspect of the 2.0 CDs? Again, we will NOT be using the CDs and we’re also not interested in the online version, just the book and answer key.


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As far as I know, the textbook content has not changed. I would say the first edition would work well for your situation. One of my kids started in Alg I v. 1.0 and moved to v. 3.0 and I am pretty confident it was all the same content. You could confirm with a phone call or email. I have found them to be great with answering questions. 

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